Important notice to all Charles Bloom Middle Years students: Please use the "Weekly Check-In" form found on your Google classroom accounts. Your teachers are asking you to check-in ONCE a week using that form. If you cannot find or access the form from your Google Classrooms, then please email Ms. Allen at jallen@sd22learns.ca and she will help you. If you do not "check-in" by Friday, then your teachers will have to try and connect with you and your parents another way.
How do I access my assignments?

Charles Bloom Middle Years will be utilizing assignment work that will be posted at www.trickey.ca. Follow the links to “Teachers/Courses” page and then choose a particular subject and grade level.

All attempts have been made to make these assignments self-directed with some supporting links. This means that any readings, or specific instructions on how to complete a type of equation in math are included. Many of the assignments are in Word format so if you do not have Word at home, students can still download the file and open it with Google Docs which all students have or should have access to. Other ways to open word documents without using Word include downloading a free Microsoft Office app at Google Play or you can access the following link for other suggestions;


It is important to note that most of the assignments are designed to work with pen and paper. Students will need to view readings and instructions or access tutorials or supporting videos on the device of their choice but most of the work can all be completed using simple pen and paper. If you have access to a printer, you can print out the assignment but it is recommended that you only print out the question sheets as printing from home can be expensive.

What if I do not have access to the internet?

If you do not have access to the internet, please contact the school and let one of the Middle Years teachers know. Teachers will make copies of any assignments requested.

What does my student need in terms of supplies or equipment?

Arrangements will be made to allow students into the school on April 3rd and 6th, in a limited number to collect school supplies and personal items. Keep an eye on the school web page for more information as to when and how.

Almost all of your student’s work can be completed with pen and paper. It will be important that your student stays organized. If your student is using a 3 Ring Binder, create dividers to separate the Math, Science, Socials and English work. If you are using coil binders, have your student divide that coil binder into separate sections or use separate coil binders for each subject.

For math, students will need to have access to a simple calculator.

What do I do if I do not have a printer at home?
If you do not have a printer at home, most assignment questions can and should be answered by hand unless specifically directed by your student's teacher (see teacher web pages). Have your student hold on to their work in a 3 ring binder or keep organized in a coil binder. If your student is asked to complete a map or something that does require a hard copy, you can either phone the school or ask for a copy to be picked up OR simply make note that you did not have access to a printer and your teacher will omit that particular task.
How much work can I expect to get out of my student?

Students vary in ability and motivation. Most assignments being made available can be completed by your typical Middle Years student in a half of hour of dedicated effort, most can easily be completed in 45 min or less.

At-home learning will be more self-paced however, and some students may take longer. Monitor your student’s output and don’t be afraid to ask them to justify their work output to you, simply ask them to show you what they completed each day.

Expect resistance but be reasonable and be willing to “bargain” or “make deals”. Offer simple rewards for task completion and emphasize the need for students to be producing something every day.

What do I do with completed work?
Have your student hold on to all completed work in either a 3 Ring or coil binder. Direction from the Ministry of Ed will determine protocols around assessment and grade promotion. Students can also submit completed work in Google Classrooms or by email. Images or photos of completed work can also be email. Work can also be dropped off at the school.
What about the rest of the day?

Students will be missing out on a lot of social interaction and it is important to remember that socialization for adolescents is very important to them. Providing opportunity for students to talk on the phone, text or interact with free online video chats can help with social isolation. It is important to remember that in a crisis such as the one we are experiencing, social distancing and isolation is very important, not only for the safety of your family, but the community at large as well. The BC government is asking parents NOT to arrange “play dates”, even in small groups.

Children in particular struggle with social distancing and proper hand washing and sanitizing habits. Although it may be difficult for students to understand, it is important to remain isolated until the crisis is over. Take time to have conversations about this with your student.