Message to Parents and Recommended Learning Schedule

Use the following calendar to help create a routine of at-home learning during the COVID-19 crisis of 2020. The intent of this document and calendar is to help parents establish routines and expectations of learning at home. If education is valued in the home, then students will learn to appreciate learning and will work towards developing a work ethic that will allow them to succeed. You can download a paper copy of the recommended schedule and a teacher letter to parents here.


Important notice to all Charles Bloom Middle Years students: Please use the "Weekly Check-In" form found on your Google classroom accounts. Your teachers are asking you to check-in ONCE a week using that form. If you cannot find or access the form from your Google Classrooms, then please email Ms. Allen at and she will help you. If you do not "check-in" by Friday, then your teachers will have to try and connect with you and your parents another way.
What to Expect
The challenge for parents will be in enforcing routines and following through with expectations. Parents can expect frustration and procrastination as at-home learning is not ideal. However, your student’s teachers have created a schedule that is reasonable and focuses on their core academic courses. The recommendation will be for 1 ½ hrs of work during the day, preferably first thing in the morning, and then ½ hr of reading at night before bed. It is important to limit screen time before bed. Sleep is very important for a developing adolescent brain and there is lots of research that supports the harmful effects of screen time right before bed. Teachers recommend that all mobile devices or tablets be charged at night in the parents’ bedroom to avoid the temptation to stay up late on their devices.

Parents can expect frustration from students as they attempt to work independently. Parents can expect teenagers to procrastinate and then often “rush” their work in order to simply “be done”. It is important for parents to remember that often the work completed in a “rush” will be work that is reflective more of their efforts than their ability. Whether it is answering questions in the written form or paragraph writing, proofreading and revision are essential to develop the student’s ability to express what they know. Parents will have to be patient and remember that the adolescent mind is not the same as a fully developed adult mind and adolescents’ reactions to requests to “do their best” may be emotional rather than pragmatic. In times such as these, it is always important to offer kindness, patience and support, always keeping in mind that they are still developmentally “children” and there may be some real anxiety about having to self-isolate and learn at home.

Suggestions to Help Your Student

• Recognize that at-home learning without regular supports can and will be challenging

• Routines are VERY important. Getting out of bed in the morning at regular times and following through with morning routines like washing, getting dressed, having breakfast all play a critical role in the learning process.

• Regular bed times during the week are important and encourage good sleep patterns.

• Be sensitive to struggles, but maintain expectations. Not all students are self-motivated, and most will require some sort of reward to encourage good, productive work habits. Offer a simple treat for completed work and allow for breaks.

• Remind your student that they live in unprecedented times for access to supports, they can ask for help from parents, siblings, go online for tutorial videos or video chat with friends. They can also always email their teacher.

• Remind your student that they are smart and capable and remind them that the work being provided is not above their level and although it may take some effort, they can do it.

• Encourage your student to journal their thoughts and feelings. You need not monitor what they are writing, it is often sufficient enough to see that they are just writing.

Suggested Calendar Schedule
A copy of this schedule can be downloaded and printed off here; Word pdf