Welcome to Mr. Trickey's Web Page

Important notice to all Charles Bloom Middle Years students: Please use the "Weekly Check-In" form found on your Google classroom accounts. Your teachers are asking you to check-in ONCE a week using that form. If you cannot find or access the form from your Google Classrooms, then please email Ms. Allen at jallen@sd22learns.ca and she will help you. If you do not "check-in" by Friday, then your teachers will have to try and connect with you and your parents another way.
Click on the following links to access your assignments and instructions

For Math 7, we just finished our "Ratios and Measurement" unit before Spring Break so students can start on the "Integers and Basic Algebra Unit".

Do not worry about the tests or quizzes, simply have students work through the assignments. Each assignment has instructions on how to complete the required skill or equations.

If you are unable to print out the assignment sheet, then have your student simply copy out the assigned questions and do their work using pen and paper.

For Socials 8, we just finished our Renaissance and Reformation unit before Spring Break, so students can start on the "Science and Discovery" Unit.

Assignments will need to be answered using pen and paper, however sometimes students will be asked to complete a map or answer something like a word search. If you are unable to print out the maps, then have your student simply write "no printer" on their assignment page.

Mr. Trickey will be available for video chats every Friday, check out the Zoom meeting page here for times. Students can also email Mr. Trickey at btrickey@sd22.bc.ca at any time.
At this time there are some options as what to do with completed work. If you have the ability, you can drop off completed work at the school, email or even simply take a picture of your work and email that to Mr. Trickey. Students can also hold onto their work as evidence of their learning. If schools do reopen before September, your student may be asked to provide evidence of learning. Parents are expected only to monitor some daily progress with their students. For more support regarding what to expect of your student, please visit the "Message to Parents" and the "FAQs" pages.