In addition to your readings, use the following links to help you with your inquiry project. You are not limited by these pages, and you are free to search on your own, however using this pages will make your inquiry research process quicker and easier.

The links have also been organized by specific units but some of the links are to websites that offer information on multiple topics.

Ancient Rome
This is a link page with all sorts of information regarding specific people of Ancient Rome
This page has all sort of good biographies of famous Romans.
Ducksters is an educational site with lots of good information. This link goes directly to their biography page.
Early Middle Ages
This is a direct link to's page devoted to the vikings.
This is a UK history site devoted to the invaders of Britain. It has all sorts of info on the Angles, Saxons, Jutes and the Vikings.
Britannica is an enclyclopedia company that has moved online (your library might still have some encylopedias, you should check them out). This is a page devoted to Charlemagne and the Franks.
High and Late Middle Ages
This is a good site that compares Feudal Japan with Medival Europe and has topic headings such as; What is feudalism? Class Hierarchy. Warfare and Weaponry and more. A great place to start.
Another easy to read comparison of feudal Japan and medivial Europe. It has a couple of good diagrams as well.
This is a great site for all sorts of maps. Maps with labels, maps without labels, all sorts of maps that are organized alphabetically, for both countries and continents.
Renaissance and Reformation
Ducksters is a good middle years level site that provides all sorts of historical and scientific information. This is their direct link to their Renaissance and Reformation page complete with further links to famous people of the Renaissance and Reformation.
This is a site devoted to the inventions of the ideal Renaissance Man; Leonardo Da Vinci
The Khan Academy is a user pay online learning platform, but they do have articles for free. This direct link goes to a page with some good information about the Reformation.
Scientific Revolution and the Age of Discovery
This is a great site with specific links to specific famous pirates in history like Anne Bonny and Blackbeard and famous privateers like Francis Drake.
This is a great site with in site links to biographys of famous explorers. Just make sure that the explorer you choose is from the 16th, 17th or early 18th centuries.
This is a list of 13 important scientists of the scientific revolution. Each name has a brief description and then a link to their wikipedia webpage.
This is a good place to start to get some more information on the Columbian Exchange. There are additional links to specific topics about the Columbian Exchange such as the importation of crops and diseases.
This is a useful site full of additional links for the history, geography and culture of Mesoamerica
This is a link to the Royal Museam of BC's webpage on the First Nations of BC. There are many links in this site to branch off of.
A useful site that provides a brief history of the First Nations of BC, meanings of key terms and links to specific nations throughout the province.


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